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Beautify your pond with


Choose from more than 100 varieties of bareroot plants, including waterlilies, water hyacinths, cannas and more!

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Find pond algae with premium


Prevent pond algae the natural way with Japanese Trapdoor Snails, shipped right to your door.

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Gastropods galore

Choose One of Our Convenient Bundles

Lovely lilies & more

More Than 100 Varieties of Water-Loving Plants

Plants beautify your pond while providing natural filtration, reducing string algae and improving water quality.

Fish-Safe Algae Solutions & Water Treatments

Balance your pond’s ecosystem with our premium line of water treatments.

All of our products are safe for snails and finned friends alike.

Marvelous mailed Mollusks

From Our Farm to Your Door

We ship our snails and plants via FedEx 2-Day Express to ensure they arrive at your door happy and healthy.


Express Travel Time for Live Plants & Snails


Flat Rate Shipping


Happy Plants & Snails Shipped Annually

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